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Waxed cardboard is not recyclable and must be put in the garbage! Waxed products are not recyclable. To determine if something is waxed, just try scraping the surface to see if any wax comes off.

Drywall Recycling

Determining whether the drywall can be recycled or not is critical. Drywall board that is new and or date stamped since 1990 can be accepted for recycling.  If it is not date stamped and from prior to 1990 it will require Asbestos testing to determine if it can be recycled.

If the drywall board is not recyclable see the attached brochure for more information on your disposal options.

>> Brochure on Drywall Acceptance Program: Asbestos 

If you are requesting a Drywall bin from us, you will need to complete this "Drywall Declaration", and send it into the office before the bin is delivered.

If you are taking drywall to the Squamish Landfill, Whistler Transfer Station, or Pemberton Transfer Station you will be required to sign a "Drywall Declaration".

  1. Does the load contain all manufacturer’s date stamped board? 
    YES - Proceed to tipping area
    NO - Proceed to question #2
  2. Is there any texture coating or joint compound on the drywall?
  • YES - Proceed to question #3
  • NO - Proceed to tipping area

     3. Are analytical results available or are no potential Asbestos Containing        Materials (ACM) present


YES - Proceed to non-dated board tipping area
NO - We will not be able to accept it and it will need to be dealt with as a hazardous waste product - see here for more information.

Manufacturer’s Date Stamps:

Manufacturer’s Date Stamps are black, blue or purple (all are really black, the different colours seem to be a result of the printer running low on ink).  Acceptable date stamps are NEVER green.  The date stamp can be on the front, back or edge of the broad. If the load DOES NOT have date stamps, analytical paperwork confirming that the materials are non-detect for asbestos is required. 

Drywall Date Stamp

Drywall Date Stamp

Loads WITHOUT manufacturer’s date stamps can only be accepted if the load is:

  • Consistent throughout (i.e. same colour / condition); and,

  • Has no ACMs (i.e. no texture coat or drywall joint compound); or,
  • Has analytical reports indicating that the potentially asbestos containing components are non-detect for asbestos; or,
  • Has a Hazardous Buildings Material Assessment that indicates asbestos was found and:
  1. The load contains none of the asbestos containing materials listed in the Assessment (i.e. insulation, flooring, roofing); or,
  2. The paperwork includes a Clearance Letter indicating that the asbestos containing materials listed in the Assessment have all been removed. 

Loads that do not meet the requirements are rejected.

Analytical Reports:

  • Must be less than 6 months old;
  • Be provided at the time the load is received; and,
  • Must indicate the address of the home / building where the samples were obtained.

 Clearance Letters:

  • Must meet the WCB requirements;
  • Include the property address; and,
  • Must indicate that all asbestos containing materials identified in the Hazardous Building Materials Assessment were removed.

A sample Clearance Letter has been developed and can be provided to customers.

Consistent drywall load

Consistent drywall load