Only corrugated goes in the cardboard compactor, paper products can go in the Mixed Paper. Waxed cardboard is not recyclable and must be put in the garbage! Waxed products are not recyclable. To determine if something is waxed, just try scraping the surface to see if any wax comes off.

Front End Containers

Carney’s offers 3yd, 4yd & 6yd bins for both commercial and residential customers. Bins can be used for a variety of things, for example: garbage, organics, cardboard, mixed paper, plastic or manure.

Front end bins are generally used for local businesses or small household construction jobs. Containers are available with or without wheels, plastic or metal lids, flat or sloped tops and all are lockable. A slotted unit is available for cardboard containers. There is a 2000lbs limit on these which requires that roofing materials, concrete and rocks, for example, not be put in them.

Bear proof garbage bins as approved by the RMOW Black Bear Task Force are available & recommended to businesses operating in rural areas of our corridor.

*Subject to stock availability. Please note all sizes are approximate and may vary.


3 Cubic Yard Bin

  • Length 6 ft (1.8m)
  • Width 3.5 ft (1.1m)
  • Height 4 ft (1.2m)

4 Cubic Yard Bin

  • Length 6 ft (1.8m)
  • Width 4.5 ft (1.4m)
  • Height 4 ft (1.2m)

6 Cubic Yard Bin

  • Length 6 ft (1.8m)
  • Width 5.5 ft (1.7m)
  • Height 5 ft (1.5m)