Notice of Changes to Drywall Recycling Acceptance

The Drywall collected in the Sea to Sky Corridor is sent to New West Gypsum for recycling.  Effective immediately there are new rules for accepting drywall to ensure that the drywall is free of any Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM).  All customers will be required to complete a Drywall Declaration form; each load will be inspected and signed off by the yard worker.  If there are any irregularities your load will be rejected.  All drywall is required to bear a manufacturers date stamp; the drywall must be consistent throughout (i.e. same colour / condition); and, has no ACMs (i.e. no texture coat or drywall joint compound).  In the case of a demolition you will require a Hazardous Buildings Material Assessment and Clearance Letter.  Loads that do not meet the screening requirements must be dealt as if it contains Asbestos which would fall under hazardous waste handling procedures.  For more information see brochure attached.