Changes to Curbside Collection on December 25 and January 1st

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Please note that scheduled "Recycle" services for Wednesday December 25th will be moved to Thursday December 26th, 2013 and scheduled "Garbage" services January 1st will be done on Thursday January 2, 2013.  Please have your totes out by 7:45 am for collection.  This only affects residents of Garibaldi Estates.  All other scheduled services will continue as scheduled over the 2013 Holiday Season.


Recycleman visits Whistler Bungee

Recycleman visits Whistler Bungee Jumping’s operations, Whistler Bungee Jumping are one of many “Recycling Champions” in the Whistler area.  Implementing Best Practices to ensure their operations Reuse, Reduce, and Recycle as much as possible to reduce their impact on the environment.  On Recycleman’s visit he was talked into a bungee jump. 

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Whistler Ironman Traffic Advisory for Sunday August 25th

Traffic Alert for Sunday August 25, 2013 To residents and users of the Whistler Transfer Station and Compactor Sites - Whistler will host Subaru IRONMAN® Canada, a world-class sporting event with 2600 athletes and around 3000 volunteers.  Traffic pattern changes will be put in effect on the day of the race throughout Whistler and Pemberton to ensure the safety of both participants and travelers.  Delays can be expected from the Callaghan Valley to Whistler between 8:30 am and 12:30 pm.  For more detailed information see this site

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Squamish Yard Waste Collection - Update

The Yard Waste Collection program is in full swing throughout the District of Squamish now.  Carney’s has placed over 250 curbside totes with Green Lids to our contest winners, congratulations to all.  With three weeks of participation we have diverted over 58 Metric Tonnes of yard waste to be composted at Whistler’s municipal compost facility.  Over 22 MT was collected last week which is a 37% increase over the first week.  As a reminder please have your yard waste out by 7:45 am on your collection day.  Soil produced from the facility is available at the Whistler Transfer station or for less than 12 yards call Spectrum Landscaping at 604 892-5015; for more than 12 yards contact Colleen Carney at Carney’s Waste Systems at 604 892-4901.

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Squamish Yard Waste Collection

Carney’s is going to put out 50 of their 65 Gallon Totes with green lids to each neighborhood as a pilot program for the equipment and participation with the totes.  Click here to win the use of one of these totes for the year.

Feb 19th, 2013 at a regular Council Meeting, Council approved a curbside collection program for the District of Squamish for 2013.  Yard waste will be collected every other week on the same day the Recycling collection takes place, starting May 13, 2013 through to Nov 15th, 2013. Click here for a new schedule.  Yardwaste is to be placed at the curbside in Kraft bags, old style garbage cans or tied in bundles. Together with an ongoing education and awareness program to encourage keeping a high quality of material at the same time as increasing the quantity there will continue to be no plastic bags allowed.

Collected material will be chipped and trucked to the Whistler facility where it will be composted.


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Introducing Squamish Bylaw 2251

Bylaw2251, 2012, establishes a Solid Waste Utility to Regulate Solid Waste Disposal in the District of Squamish. Waste is defined as “Residual Waste with NO Recycle or Reuse options”.  Squamish offers several options for diverting reusable and recyclable waste.  Find out more about Best Practices at Home and at Work and What goes Where in your area.

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