Organic Services

The versatile containers used in this waste collection system range from 35 gallon Totes to 4 yard bins to rolloff containers and are often supplied in a combination of sizes to give customers the right capacity for their waste volumes.

Special sizes and types of containers for unusual accumulation situations, easy rolling wheels and castors and varying heights for dock level loading are also available.

Whistler Composting is a new facility that can compost a large variety and mix of organic material, including biosolids from Whistler’s new wastewater treatment plant, yard and garden wastes, food wastes from restaurants, hotels and grocery stores, and wood product wastes – turning them into Class A compost.

The Resort Municipality of Whistler has contracted Carney’s Waste Systems to compost commercial and residential organic wastes, and to sell organic soil products to residential and commercial customers. Carney’s Waste Systems is uniquely qualified to operate Whistler Composting, as it is the company that originally purchased the equipment and operated it in Squamish prior to the municipality purchasing the equipment and relocating it to Whistler. Carney’s Waste Systems provides commercial customers with a customized collection system, schedule and the most cost-effective solution for organic recycling.

For customers wanting to start or expand their organic recycling program, Carney’s Waste Systems offers education, staff training, and waste and recycling audits.

Because tipping fees are lower for organic wastes, Whistler Composting provides the opportunity for businesses to act sustainably and save money as they change the way they manage wastes. The greater percentage of organic wastes a business composts, the more a business can save in disposal fees.

Our highly trained drivers are instructed to deodorize and disinfect the containers as often as is necessary in order to keep them clean and odor free.

What is accepted and not accepted in the Organics/ Food Scraps bin: