All the glass recycled in the bins is crushed and used for road bed and fill. Contaminants such as plastic bags, lids or any other non-glass product must be picked out manually. Please sort your glass!

Commercial Recycling Totes

Please follow the guidelines below when recycling with a COMMERCIAL tote system. Please note, these guidelines are only applicable for commercial customers with specific totes for glass etc. 


(NO glass in Residential Recycling Totes, put glass only in specifically marked GLASS recycling totes, don't mix with any other material)

  • Rinsed Bottles & Jars
  • Remove Lids

Paper Products

  • Paper
  • Newspaper & Magazines
  • Envelopes without window
  • Folded Boxes
  • Shredded paper has to be put inside a closed paper bag


  • Rinsed Tin & Aluminum Cans
  • Plastic Containers #1, #2, #4, #5
  • Plastic Pop Bottles
  • #2 Translucent Plastic (Rinsed Milk Jugs)
  • Rinsed Juice and Milk/ Milk Supplement Boxes
  • NO Plastic Bags & Overwrap
  • NO Styrofoam

Sorry No...

  • Oil or Hazardous Waste Containers - Find at Drop Off Location 
  • Paint or Paint cans
  • Pizza Boxes & Food Soiled paper napkins - Put in compost bin
  • Plastic Bags & Overwrap - Clean Only, Bag Your Bags - Drop off at Carney's Recycling Depot or Landfill Public Depot
  • Styrofoam  - Drop off at Carney's Recycling Depot or Landfill Public Depot

Find a Drop Off Location for those Materials on the image below or click HERE for a complete list. 
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