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Septic Tank Services

Carney’s has provided excellent quality service with septic pumping to the residents and businesses throughout the Sea to Sky Corridor since 1965. Our strong, professional customer service team and drivers can provide you with fast and efficient service that is tailored to your needs.

The key to a successful septic system is to protect the tank and drain field from becoming clogged with solids. The waste waters from your sinks, tubs, and toilets flush out of the house into a septic tank that separates and stores the solids. Bacteria help to break down some of the heavier sludge, however the rest accumulates in the tank until it is pumped out.

When septic systems work properly, they are efficient, inexpensive to maintain and environmentally friendly.

Caring for your system

  • Have your tank pumped every 3-5 years
  • Know where your system is. Keep a photo or map and maintenance records
  • Be safety conscious when checking your system. Watch for heavy tank covers, sewer gases and raw sewage
  • Practice water conservation by using low flush toilets, water saving faucets and shower heads, run dishwashers only when full. Your system will last longer
  • Take hazardous wastes to the Recycle Center at 38950 Queensway in Squamish
  • Plant grass on you drain field rather that shrubs or trees. Water sparingly
  • Divert roof, patio and driveway runoff away from the drain field. Keep sump pumps, hillside runoff and foundation drains away from the system
  • Protect the reserved drain field area
  • Ensure your system is large enough for your needs. Garburetors put extra pressure on the system, so do additional bedrooms or suites.

Preventative Measures

  • Don't put non-degradable down sinks or toilets. No cigarettes, diapers, hair, grease, cat litter, coffee grounds etc.
  • Don't use commercial septic tank additives, they are unnecessary, expensive and may cause pollution
  • Don't use excessive amounts of bleach or kitchen solvents
  • Don't pour harmful chemicals down your drains: no paint, kerosene, solvents, antifreeze, gas, oil, herbicides, or pesticides. These can leach into the ground and poison the environment
  • Don't stress the system with multiple laundry loads in one day
  • Don't discharge water softening devices into the system
  • Don't park or drive over your drainfield. Outbuildings, patios or pools can compact the soil, crush pipes and reduce aerobic action in the drainfield.
  • Don't saturate your drainfield with automatic sprinkling

Carney’s Waste Systems is the one call for all your septic pumping and waste water needs!