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Household hazardous waste can be taken to Carney’s Waste Systems in Squamish for proper disposal. Keep it out of our landfill!

Squamish Landfill

Owned by the District of Squamish www.squamish.ca 
Maintained by Carney’s Waste Systems

Address: 4290 Landfill Rd in Brackendale neighbourhood
(west of Highway 99 opposite Alice Lake turnoff)
Phone: (604) 898-5635
Hours of Operation:
Open 7 days a week: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm
(Closed on Christmas Day and New Years Day)

Where to Recycle What?
Click on the image belwo to find out.

Tipping Fees:


Steel & Metals, Cardboard, Paper, Containers & Glass, Electronics, Small Appliances, Lead Acid Batteries

No charge


*Note garbage containing more than 5% Recyclable Materials including Steel and Wood Waste will be assessed MIXED WASTE fee of $320.00 per tonne

$150.00 per tonne
(min charge $5)

$320 per tonne of mixed waste (min charge $5)


Car or pick-up tire (no rims)
Tire mounted on a rim 




Drywall, must be kept separate from all other materials. Drywall must be date stamped 1990 or later to guarantee no asbestos. Pre 1990 drywall must be tested for asbestos prior to being recycled.  

Please see here for important information on drywall recycling

$290.00 per tonne
(min charge $5)


Fridges, freezers appliances requiring ozone depleting gas removal

$25.00 each



A maximum of 5 mattresses/ box springs can be dropped off by a resident at one time. A mattress and box spring are each 1 unit.   

                         $15.00 per unit



Clean Wood Waste - Branches over 2” diameter; clean logs free of rocks; wood without nails, screws, glue, stain or chemical treatment; chipped tree trimmings; clean sawdust, shavings, chips or hog fuel

Dirty Wood Waste - Construction wood waste - suitable for hog fuel No pressure treated wood

$65.00 per tonne
(min charge $5)



     $85.00 per tonne (min charge $5)