Squamish Residential Services

Squamish Residential WEEKLY Organics Pick Up Starting April 29th - Download an Updated Schedule Here

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Quick Tips

  • Place totes on curb by 7:45 AM with clips unlocked and secured.

  • Ensure that you can shut the lid on collection day - no extra material will be collected.

  • Place your tote in an unobstructed location that is easily accessible to our trucks. Watch for parked cars that may prevent pick up.

  • Leave space between your organic and recycle or garbage tote. This make it easier for our drivers.

Curbside Schedule

Printable Pick Up Schedule 2019


Download The Squamish Curbside Collection App For Service Reminders

Curbside Pickup Schedule

  • MONDAY: Downtown, Dentville, Government Rd. to Mamquam Bridge

  • TUESDAY: Valleycliffe, Hospital Hill, Stawamus Reserve (Organic Yardwaste), Business Park, Timbertown, Wagon Wheel, Willow Crescent Loggers Lane, Paradise Valley, Stawamus Reserve

  • WEDNESDAY: Garibaldi Estates

  • THURSDAY: Garibaldi Highlands

  • FRIDAY: Brackendale

Delays in Curbside Residential Collection

Delays of your curbside residential collection may occur due to road closures, construction, or winter snow or icy conditions. Carneys Waste Systems staff will do their best to ensure regular collection schedules are maintained, however, if we are unable to service your totes on your regular collection day, collection will take place on the following day, or as soon as  weather and road conditions allow.

Residents whose tote has not been serviced due to road closures or construction can put their totes out the following morning or leave the totes out overnight, however, if left out overnight, garbage totes must have the lid secured with the latches to prevent bears from accessing contents. Unlock the latches the following morning.

General Safety: As the waste collection carts are equipped with wheels, please use extra caution when wheeling them in snowy or icy conditions.

Contact Carney’s Waste Systems:
Phone: 604-892-5604 or squamish@gflenv.com

Squamish Curbside Garbage

All municipal approved dwellings are eligible for bi-weekly pickup of garbage from the curb-side in the 65 Gallon Tote supplied by Carney’s.

With bi-weekly curb-side garbage and recycling we are significantly reducing the Municipal Greenhouse Gas Emissions with respect to the delivery of the services on the trucking side, encouraging more participation in recycling thereby diverting waste, and overall any reduction in solid waste and any increase in recycling will improve the Municipal Green House Gas (GHG) emissions.

Garbage Totes

Bear Proofed Totes -  on collection day you must ensure that you undo the latches on the bear proof tote and attach them to each other. If the latches are not undone, your tote will not be serviced. When totes are not in service latches must remain secured in the locked position. For more information on bear safety in Squamish click here.

  • Larger totes or extra totes are available for additional fees.

  • Lost and damaged garbage totes are replaced at a cost to the homeowner of $180

  • Residents with tote related questions can call Carney’s Waste Systems at (604) 892-5604

Odour Control

  • Where possible store your garbage tote in a shed, garage or other enclosed structure

  • Double bag smelly garbage

  • Freeze organic material until disposal

  • Add ¼ cup baking soda and ¼ cup of borax to the garbage tote to absorb odours. You can also add a handful of moth balls or use a commercial odour-absorbing product that is usually available at your local hardware store.

  • You can take your food scraps/ organics to your nearest depot site: Carney's Recycling Centre, 38950 Queensway - Map available or Squamish Landfill Public Depot, Landfill Rd - Map available

Squamish Curbside Organics

Our organics collection accepts both food scraps and yard waste

Organic collection includes

  • food scraps

  • food soiled paper

  • shrubbery and hedge trimmings

  • grass clippings

  • leaves

  • weeds

  • small branches less than 2” in diameter no longer than 2 feet long.

Organic collection does NOT include

  • 'biodegradable' or 'compostable' style plastic bags

  • no stones

  • soil

  • sod

  • wood products, including lumber, branches or pruning over 2" around

  • kitty litter or animal feces

Helpful tips

  • Wrap food scraps in newspaper or use paper liners

  • Layer your tote your kitchen organics with yard waste to reduce odors.

Squamish Curbside Recycling

Service is a bi-weekly pickup of recyclable materials from the curb-side for all dwellings that currently receive curb-side residential garbage pickup. The 65 gallon recycling totes have all been distributed. If you do not have one please contact us for delivery. A larger recycling tote is also available (95 gallon) at an extra cost.

The system is simple! Just put everything that is accepted (see image below) in one tote and take it to your curb side!

Accepted Items

  • Newspaper

  • Paper & Magazines

  • Shredded Paper, must be placed in paper bag

  • Corrugated Cardboard / Boxboard

  • Rigid Plastics Containers with Codes #1, #2, #4 and #5 - Rinse It

  • Milk Jugs/ Milk Cardboard Boxes - Rinse It

  • Paper Packaging that contained Liquid (e.g. Soup, Milk Boxes) - Rinse It

  • Paper and Plastic Take Away Drink Cups - Rinse It

  • Tin & Aluminum Cans / Tin Foil - Rinse It

  • Empty Aerosol Cans

Restricted Curbside Items

  • Glass

  • Styrofoam

  • Plastic Bags/ Overwrap

These materials can be recycled upon drop off to your nearest depot site:

  1. Carney's Recycling Centre, 38950 Queensway - Map available

  2. Squamish Landfill Public Depot, Landfill Rd - Map available

Please Remember

  • All items/ containers must be EMPTY and RINSED to be recycled.

  • Cans should be rinsed, lids removed and then flattened.

No Plastic Bags Sign Black PNG.PNG

Where to Recycle What

We have 2 recycle guides to help you sort your recyclables. Both are informative, easy to use and available to you below. We encourage you to download and print one for your home.

  1. Simplified Info-graphic Recycling Guide

  2. Detailed Recycling Chart

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