Used engine oil can be taken to most automotive repair shops and recycled for free! There are very hefty fines for improper disposal of oil.

Whistler Depot Sites: Function & Nesters

Sites are open 7 am to 7 pm 365 days of the year

Whistler residents may bring their household refuse and recyclables to the two Depot Sites, located at Nesters and Function Junction at no charge (residential drop off only!). These sites are designed to protect the bears by keeping garbage out of their reach. For this reason, it is important that garbage, including furniture, clothes and other items MUST NOT be left outside the bins. A garbage bear is a dead bear.

Paint and hazardous waste  can not be put into the bins. For proper paint disposal, please bring cans to the Whistler Transfer Station at Callaghan Valley Rd, or the Whistler Bottle Depot (Phone 604-698-0701)  at Nesters Depot site from 9am to 5pm daily. 

Accepted Items at Depot Sites: 

  • Residential Household Waste
  • Residential Recycling: Click here for a list of how to sort your recyclables and to check out what is Accepted and Not
  • Residential Food Scraps (Organics) 
  • Rinse all Containers to be recycled
  • Separate Plastic Bags and Overwrap from other recyclables

For Commercial Services call Carney’s Waste Systems (604) 892-5604 or (604) 932-5038.

Businesses can take their waste, recyclables and organics to Whistler Transfer Station, Callaghan Valley Rd.

Click here for a list of how to sort your recyclables and to check out what is Accepted and Not!!

Plastic Bags and Overwrap have to be separate from all other recyclables

Why? Plastic bags and overwrap are very difficult to separate from other recycling materials. Problems with separation mean that less of the plastic bags and less of the other material can be recycled due to contamination.

Please separate your plastic bags and overwrap from all other recyclables and put in Plastic Bags/ Overwrap (Plastic Film) bin at Nesters and Function Depot Sites. Make sure bags are empty and clean, then stuff bags inside another bag and tie the top.

Plastic bags/overwrap includes: Shopping bags, produce bags for fresh & frozen food, bread bags, overwrap (e.g. for mattresses), outer bags for hygiene products.

Nesters Compactor Site: 8010 Nesters Rd, Whistler


Function Junction Compactor Site: 1001 Lynham Rd, Whistler 



Contact Carney’s Waste Systems:
Phone: 604-932-5038 (Whistler Line) or