Small metals can go in the Tin Can recycling. If it is metal and fits in the bin, it can go with tin. If it does not fit through the hole, you can take it to the transfer station for recycling.

Whistler Transfer Station

Owned by Resort Municipality of Whistler www.whistler.ca
Managed by Carney’s Waste Systems

Address: Callaghan Valley Road 15 km south of Whistler off Highway 99
Phone: (604) 213-6606
Hours of Operation:
Open 7 days a week: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
(Closed on Christmas Day and New Year's Day)

Tipping Fees

$5.00 per vehicle

Minimum Charge 

$140.00 per tonne

$300.00 per tonne

Garbage (including construction waste)                      

MIXED WASTE (MORE THAN 25% RECYCLABLES)                     

Large Household Appliances

Fridges, freezers, A/C units (requires coolant removal)

Stoves, hot water tanks, washers, and dryers 

$25.00 per item  


Gypsum Board

Drywall must be kept separate from all other materials - must be "date stamped" gypsum board which can then be recycled

Please see here for acceptable drywall for recycling

$290.00 per tonne


Per Car/Pick-up Tire
Per Car/Pick-up Tire with Rim

$10.00 per tire
$25.00 per tire

Recyclable Materials

Drop off glass, tin, paper, etc. into bins at Transfer Station


Cardboard Penalty

Applies to any load of waste containing more than 10% cardboard content


Clean Wood & Yard Wase

$30.00 per tonne


$80.00 per tonne

May be painted but not pressure treated

Clean Sawdust, Wood Chips, Shavings & Hog Fuel  



A maximum of 5 mattresses/ box springs can be dropped off by a resident at one time. A mattress and box spring are each 1 unit 

  $15.00 per unit


Invasive & Noxious Plant Matter

Standard Fee
Fee for Landscapers certified within the SSISC and RMOW invasive plant species certification program

$140.00 per tonne
$30.00 per tonne


$75.00 per tonne


Solid waste from municipal wastewater treatment plants

A - All liquid waste delivered via meter at the WWTP except as identified in 'B' and 'C' below

B - Septage delivered from residential septic tanks within the RMOW

C - Aerated holding tanks within the RMOW as approved under the RMOW transfer station and Whistler Compost Plant 


$130.00 per tonne